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Window Tinting

Precise Auto Detail currently offers two different series of window film for vehicles. The first series is our regular grade 3M Tint, which will add style, and privacy to your vehicle. The best series is our nano ceramic 3M Tint, which will not interfere with signals, such as GPS or cell phones.

We have three tint shades to choose from: 35% 20% and 5%. If you need a different percentage, please let us know. Our lifetime warranty is as long as you own your car we will warranty your tint against any peeling, bubbling or delamination. Unfortunately any scratches or rips in the film is the customer's responsibility.

Reasons to Tint

  1. Quality tint on your windows protects not only your eyes, but also your skin from the damaging effects of direct sunlight.
  2. Placing a small strip of tint (visor) at the top of the front windshield has been proven to reduce accidents due to driver visibility problems.
  3. Depending on the tinting material, it can reflect UV rays, which will protect your cars' interior surfaces, especially leather from fading and cracking damage. It can also reflect Infrared rays (Nano Ceramic), which will reduce heat buildup inside your automobile.
  4. It provides privacy.
  5. Tinting can add considerably to the aesthetic quality of an automobile; visibly increasing its overall value.
  6. Precise Auto Detail also provides Residential & Commercial Window Tinting for Houses and Buildings through-out the whole tri-state area.






$399.99-$449.99 (LIFETIME WARRANTY INCL.)



$449.99-499.99 (LIFETIME WARRANTY INCL.)

3M WINDOW TINT: $59.99-$74.99 PER WINDOW

We also install tint/vinyl on foglights, headlights, tail-lights and more!

Clear Bra & Vinyl

Want more protection?

You can use our clear bra on the exterior of your car to protect it from rocks, stone chips, scratches, bugs, birds, grease, salt, water, road debris, etc.

Want to change the color of your car, add pin stripes, designs, or even flames without having to do an expensive repaint?

We do it, using our state of the art vinyl wraps with Air Channel Technology. Our vinyl wraps will transform anything you want into a stylish look without spending the custom paint price.

Vinyl your hood, rear trunk, spoiler, lips, side pillar bars, rims, side mirrors, door handles, windshield, interior trim, etc.

All of our films are extremely durable and will protect your car's paint from rust, rock chips, minor scratches and UV rays.

Call or email us today for an estimate to clear bra/vinyl your whole car, or certain areas (mirrors, bumpers, hood, fenders, door handle inserts, etc).


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